All photography provided by Galen Nathanson

We are a growing community of students, researchers, and practitioners outside of academia dedicated to a holistic exploration of urban development and infrastructure issues.


Our Mission

We aim to leverage the wide array of academic and practical resources across Oxford and beyond to support, develop, and promote interdisciplinary, reflexive approaches to the study and practice of urbanization. 

Amidst a backdrop of rapid population growth, variable migration patterns, and the shifting effects of a changing climate, designing and implementing policies for urban areas has emerged as an essential exercise for anyone serious about development in all its forms. The aim of the Urbanists is to frankly engage with the all-important and often contentious debates surrounding these issues and try to find sustainable and inclusive ways forward.

“Cities are taking the lead in addressing climate change – and they can bring more private and public investment to projects that reduce carbon, improve public heath, and protect people from risks.”
— Michael Bloomberg, UN Secretary General Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change