Working Paper Series

Our Working Papers series include preliminary results of research from members of the Oxford Urbanists, employing critical analysis on a broad range of issues. We welcome feedback from readers communicated to the Urbanists or the authors.

We hold bi-weekly seminars at the University of Oxford on our Working Papers during term time. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more information. 



Under Construction: Women, Work, and Waithood in Wukro, Ethiopia

Zoë Johnson | November 2018 | MPhil International Development

The Operative Commons: Urban land in the age of biopolitical production

William Conroy  | October 2018 |


The Commemoration of Slavery: Dominant and Counter Narratives in Bristol

Aman Gupta  | October 2018 | MPhil International Development


Examining the Role of Data in Smart City Management: Following Data and Policy Circulations in Santiago de Chile

Ignacio Perez  |  June 2018  |  DPhil School of Geography and the Environment


The Role of Cities in Global Approaches to Drug Control

Dr Nikita Chiu  |  May 2018  |  Research Fellow in Robotics, Centre for Technology and Global Affairs


Exporting Urban Expertise in Singapore: A small city-state’s claim to fame through urban development

Brandon Chye  |  May 2018  |  MPhil International Development


A Story of London: Art, Financialisation and the Valorisation of the Public Space

Anna Isabelle 'Sai' Villafuerte  |  February 2018  |  MPhil International Development


Exploring Singapore's New Energy Infrastructures in Solar-Powered High-Rise Government Housing

Nurul Amallin Hussain  |  February 2018  |  DPhil School of Geography and the Environment


Tackling Urban Crime in Medellin

Felipe Montoya Pino  |  August 2017