from the University of Oxford & beyond

Jade Leung
DPhil, Politics

Sigfried Eisenmeier
Operations Analyst, DiDi Mexico City; Former MPhil, Development Studies

Paul Healy
JD Candidate, Yale Law School; Former MSc, Economics for Development

Chinmay Rayarikar
MPhil, Development Studies

Aaron Maniam
DPhil, Blavatnik School of Government

Ikuno Naka
DPhil, International Development

Nurul Amilin Hussain
DPhil, Geography and the Environment

Alexandra Panman
DPhil, International Development

Rafael H M Pereira
Brazilian Institute for Applied Economic Research; Former DPhil, Geography and the Environment

Samuel Ruiz Tagle
DPhil, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies

Ignacio Perez Karich
DPhil, Geography and the Environment

Aman Gupta
MPhil, Development Studies

Brandon Chye
MPhil, Development Studies

Will Conroy
MPhil, Environmental Change and Management

Felipe Montoya
World Bank Cities; Former MPP, Blavatnik School of Government

Christoph Lindner
Dean, University of Oregon College of Design

Diego Sánchez-Ancochea
Professor of Political Economy, Oxford Department for International Development

Naiara Vegara
Director, Metropóli Cities Lab London

Stefan Norgaard
MPP candidate, Harvard Kennedy School


artificial intelligence and governance


impact of ride-sharing platforms on labour conditions in Latin America

impact of transport and infrastructure systems on spatial inequalities

urban spaces and technology in the Global South

digital government at the national and city level

financialisation of India's real estate sector

use of solar energy in high-rise government housing estates

urban poverty, housing and land markets in sub-Saharan Africa

distributive justice and transportation equity

impact of urban legal structures on the physical landscape of cities

relationship between science-policy and decision making in cities 

political economy of the reconstruction of homes in post-hurricane in Puerto Rico

urban systems models in Singapore

alternative urbanisms, social infrastructures

crime and housing in Medellín, Colombia

ghost cities

political and economic dimensions of inequality in Latin America

urban regeneration in Malaysia

urban policymaking, international cooperation