Contribute to the Oxford Urbanists Magazine

Whether you're an academic, policymaker, journalist, or something else, we’re looking to work with any writers who have thought-provoking ideas for tackling contemporary urban challenges. Please read the following before getting in touch.

We prioritize the following types of pieces. 

  1. News: reports on current events. 750-2,000 words.

  2. Commentary: argumentative essays, op-eds; analysis. 750-2,500 words.

  3. Photo essays: photo series with accompanying text. 250-1,000 words.

We’re interested in an interdisciplinary approach. Our team come from a wide range of fields — from social anthropology and the arts, to geography, public policy, and economics — and we're always looking to diversify the variety of analytical lenses applied to any given problem. 

When thinking up your idea, consider your comparative advantage. Where does your expertise lie? Do you have unique access to a place, community, etc? Do you find your opinions/research findings often clash with conventional wisdom? If so, we'd love to hear them! 

Finally, think broadly. Don't feel constrained to "city" issues. Infrastructure and energy systems, rural to urban linkages, and other themes are fair game, too.  And think without borders. We believe a cross-national dialogue is necessary to effective problem-solving, and we'd like to help facilitate this. 

If you have an idea that you think might be suitable, email us a pitch ( of approximately 300-500 words that outlines:

  • the topic you want to explore

  • why you think it is important

  • the writing form/how you would structure your piece

  • what experiences/expertise qualify you to write about the topic you propose

Likewise, tell us more about yourself, and if you have any, send along some writing samples. We’ll respond to every submission within a week. As all editing and publishing is volunteer, publication deadlines might vary.

For experts on Latin America publication series

Does your work involve urban or infrastructure development issues in Latin America?

Do you have ideas or stories you’d like to share with a widely-read media platform and/or academic circles, including at the University of Oxford?

If so, consider writing for the new Oxford Urbanists/LA.Network publication series. 

Working Paper Series


If you’re a thinker or practicioner dealing with city matters in South Asia, use our platform at Oxford Urbanists to contribute, disseminate knowledge and invite feedback on your works.

If you have a floating idea, evidence or narrative aligned with the theme of the working paper series, send us your pitch!