Diego Sánchez-Ancochea: Challenges for Social Policy and Cities in Latin America

Diego Sánchez Ancochea, Associate Professor of the Political Economy of Latin America at the University of Oxford, sat down with Luciano Mateo Rodriguez Carrington to discuss challenges for social policy and cities in Latin America. He highlights Latin American countries’ unequal success in advancing social policy, a need to tailor ideas of universal social policy for the Latin American context, the relevance of social policy for urban integration, and the risks of overly broad international development goals.

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Exporting planning and expertise: A small city-state’s claim to fame through urban development

Singapore is a resource-poor city-state with one of the highest population densities in the world. Yet it has turned its challenges into strengths and increasingly branded itself as a global hub of expertise and ‘best practices’ for urban development. How might we understand the processes driving Singapore’s burgeoning influence on international city development? What are some challenges that come with this influence?

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Brandon Chye