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  • World Electric Power Plants Database [S&P Global Platts]
    • A global inventory of electric power generating units. It contains design data for plants of all sizes and technologies operated by regulated utilities, private power companies, and industrial autoproducers (captive power). This unique database is the largest such information resource available and offers: 1) Design information for nearly 219,500 units at nearly 106,000 plant sites in 230+ countries and territories - every country is represented. 2) Coverage of installed and projected steam and gas turbines, combined-cycle plants, IC engines, hydro units, wind turbines, and renewable energy unit. 3) Details on plant operators, geographic location, capacity (MW), age, technology, fuels, and boiler, turbine, and generator manufacturers, emissions control equipment, and more.

  • Amazon Roads Filter [Conservation Strategy Fund]

    • An analysis tool that ranks 36 roads in the Amazon depending on their level of economic, environmental, socio-political, and cultural risk. The overall risk of each project is assessed through an index built from 17 variables grouped into four categories and weighted according to their relative importance. 


  • Global Projects Center [Stanford University]

    • The Global Projects Center is an interdisciplinary research center at Stanford University. It seeks to facilitate understanding of the financing, development, and governance of critical infrastructure worldwide. It conducts interdisciplinary research, facilitates engagement among academic and industry leaders, and educates future leaders within the infrastructure finance and development space.


  • HydroCalculator [Conservation Strategy Fund]

    • With this tool, you can perform a basic analysis of the economic feasibility of hydro projects as well as calculating some simple environmental and social indicators that can be compared to those of other dams.


  • China's Development Finance (2000-2014) [ChinaPower, Center for Stategic and International Studies ]

    • This interactive feature tracks China’s development finance. Use it to explore both the number of projects funded by China and the proportion of funds that meet the strict international definition of Official Development Assistance (ODA). This aid-like spending helps boost economic growth in recipient countries, and is contrasted with other forms of financing that are targeted at commercial gains.

  • China Global Dams Database [International Rivers]

    • International Rivers tracks all Chinese hydropower companies’ investments throughout the world. Our latest revision of the China Global Dams Database was completed in September 2017. The China Global Dams Database includes 323 projects. The analysis below is based exclusively on the 266 hydropower projects undertaken in 64 countries and at various stages of development; it does not include dams built for irrigation or other purposes.

  • Reconnecting Asia [Center for Strategic and International Studies]

    • This initiative maps new linkages—roads, railways, and other infrastructure—that are reshaping economic and geopolitical realities across the continent. Through data curation and objective analysis, the project aims to fill Asia’s infrastructure-information gap, squaring lofty ambitions with facts on the ground.