A Smart City for Newcomers

The City of Edmonton, Canada, is currently a finalist in the Smart Cities Challenge, launched by the Government of Canada in 2017. This article looks at some of the City of Edmonton’s key priorities in this process and how they used the opportunity to focus on the health and well-being of immigrants and newcomers.

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Tomas ErnstComment
Transit Electrification in Colombia: An Unaffordable Dream?

The results of Bogotá’s 2018 ender to renew its BRT fleet illustrate how Colombian cities are struggling to electricity their public transportation systems. Nevertheless, such electrification is essential, and there are a number of concrete financial and regulatory steps government can take to facilitate the transition.

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Transit-Oriented Development in Emerging Cities: Principles from Singapore

As urbanization continues to accelerate in many developing countries, the development of efficient, cost-effective, public transportation systems will be critical to the sustainable growth of emerging cities. This article highlights some of the key principles and lessons learned from Singapore’s transit-oriented development strategy and assesses how these principles may be considered and applied in emerging cities within the developing world.

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Brandon Chye Comment
At October’s Urban20, City Leaders Must Stand Together to Help Shape the G20 Agenda

This October’s inaugural U20 Summit offers cities the opportunity to raise the profile of urban policy issues just in advance of the G20. For the U20 to be successful, city leaders must be intentional about finding policy solutions that span scales and levels of government, include a dedicated urban focus, coordinate among cities globally on key issues, and remain context-specific.

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Stefan Norgaard
Exporting planning and expertise: A small city-state’s claim to fame through urban development

Singapore is a resource-poor city-state with one of the highest population densities in the world. Yet it has turned its challenges into strengths and increasingly branded itself as a global hub of expertise and ‘best practices’ for urban development. How might we understand the processes driving Singapore’s burgeoning influence on international city development? What are some challenges that come with this influence?

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Brandon Chye